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Mul­ti­me­dia con­tent Replication

Our com­plete mul­ti­me­dia library is avail­able at alamee­ria youtube chan­nel, how­ever as youtube has been blocked in Pak­istan we plan to repli­cate the con­tent to other stream­ing chan­nels which are acces­si­ble in Pakistan

Hazrat Syed Muham­mad Ameer Shah Gillani (RA)

With the dawn of 20th cen­tury, there rose on the sky of knowl­edge, a lumi­nous star that daz­zled the world with its pecu­liar lus­tre Hazrat Syed Muham­madAmeer Shah Qadri Gilani (Rah­mat ullah Ala’ih) was born in the year 1920, at Peshawar, a Met­ro­pol­i­tan city of North-​West Fron­tier Province of Pak­istan. He belonged to the fam­ily of Has­sani Saa­dat and is the descen­dent of great Islamic scholar of all times, Hazrat Syedna Ghous e Azam , Shaikh Abdul Qadi­rAl Gilani Bagh­dadi (Radhi Allah o Anhu) His Father Hazrat Hafiz Syed Muham­mad Zaman Shah Qadri Gilani (Rah­mat ullah Ala’ih) was a scholar as well and had a great love for knowledge .

In very early days he found in his son spe­cial apti­tude for reli­gious knowl­edge which was much appre­ci­ated and thus he put him in the hands of emi­nent savants, where his early edu­ca­tion was com­menced under their patron­age . The names of few of his teach­ers are Hazrat Sahibzada Hafiz Ali Ahmad Jan , HazratAl­lama Moulana Gul Faqeer Ahmad Chishti and Hazrat Allama Abd ur Raheem Popalzai (May Allah be pleased with them all). Reck­on­ing his zeal and zest towards reli­gious stud­ies, his grand father Hazrat Syed Saeed Ahmad Shah Qadri Gilani (Rah­mat ullah Ala’ih) gave him a name “Moulvi Jee”(in Urdu, which means Scholar of Reli­gion) which became so pop­u­lar that every one started call­ing him Molvi Jee after­wards. After com­ple­tion of his stud­ies, he became the best rec­og­nized and promi­nent scholar.

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Jour­ney of life

Hazrat Syed Muham­mad Ameer Shah Qadri Gillani Rah­mat ullah Alaih ( 19202004) had been an emi­nent Reli­gious , Spir­i­tual , Lit­er­ary and Socio-​Political name of Pakistan’s his­tory.

This doc­u­men­tary is an hum­ble attempt to touch on some of his con­tri­bu­tions. we are grate­ful to all those who con­tributed in mak­ing this doc­u­men­tary

Daily Motion Part 1

Jour­ney of Life — Hazrat Syed Muham­mad Ameer… by alamee­ria

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Rev­e­la­tions of the Unseen (Futuh al-​Ghaib)

Rev­e­la­tions of the Unseen (Futuh al-​Ghaib)

78 Dis­courses by Shaikh ‘Abd al-​Qadir al-​Jilani. Per­haps the most well known col­lec­tion of the great Shaikh’s dis­courses, these short and pow­er­ful dis­courses cover top­ics of inter­est to every seeker of the spir­i­tual path. A glimpse at the some of the top­ics cov­ered will reas­sure the reader that the Shaikh is address­ing issues that are as per­ti­nent in this day and age as the day he spoke about them so many hun­dreds of years ago. Here is a small sam­ple: On pass­ing beyond the cre­ation; On draw­ing near to Allah; On fear and hope; On trust and its stages; On how the con­tact [wusul] with Allah is attained; On not com­plain­ing; On the clas­si­fi­ca­tion of the seeker’s state; On the two con­di­tions of the self [nafs]; On the rea­son for the tri­als borne by cer­tain believ­ers; On the seeker and the sought.

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Purifi­ca­tion of Mind (Jala’ al-​Khawatir)

Purifi­ca­tion of Minds (Jala’ al-​Khawatir)

45 Dis­courses by Shaikh ‘Abd al-​Qadir al-​Jilani. Trans­lated into Eng­lish from one of the few remain­ing copies that exist of this rare doc­u­ment, The Removal of Cares is a fur­ther col­lec­tion of longer dis­courses on spir­i­tual progress along the path [tariqa] by the great Shaikh. This col­lec­tion could be con­sid­ered an exten­sion of The Sub­lime Rev­e­la­tion, hav­ing been recorded in the year 546 AH, although the dates of the dis­courses in Removal of Cares over­lap some­what those of that col­lec­tion. Once again the reader will mar­vel at the exten­sive wis­dom of Shaikh ‘Abd al-​Qadir and expe­ri­ence the trans­for­ma­tive effect of the blessed grace that accom­pa­nied his spo­ken word. First trans­la­tion of this work into Eng­lish by Muhtar Holland.

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Tazkara mashaikh e Sarhad

(Mem­oir of the Shuyūkh and Islamic Schol­ars of the Fron­tier, Vol­ume I ) Pages 291

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Salat e Ghousia

(The Ghawthiya Prayer) 72 pages .Pub­lished by Mak­taba e Al Has­san, 1992.

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Life( of the Prophet) Trans­la­tion of Ara­bic Jour­nal ‘Tuhfat-​ul– Fahul Fi Istaghasa Bir Rasul’

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