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Jour­ney of Life

A Doc­u­men­tary on the life of Hazrat Syedna Muham­mad Ameer Shah Gillani Rehmat ullah Alaih has been released. This doc­u­men­tary ” Jour­ney of Life –Hazrat syed Muham­mad Ameer Shah Gillani Rehmat ullah Alaih” cov­ers var­ius aspects of their life includ­ing their faimly back­ground, child­hood, edu­ca­tion, polit­i­cal strug­gle , social and lit­er­ary work and much more

Hazrat Syed Muham­mad Ameer Shah Gillani (RA)

With the dawn of 20th cen­tury, there rose on the sky of knowl­edge, a lumi­nous star that daz­zled the world with its pecu­liar lus­tre Hazrat Syed Muham­madAmeer Shah Qadri Gilani (Rah­mat ullah Ala’ih) was born in the year 1920, at Peshawar, a Met­ro­pol­i­tan city of North-​West Fron­tier Province of Pak­istan. He belonged to the fam­ily of Has­sani Saa­dat and is the descen­dent of great Islamic scholar of all times, Hazrat Syedna Ghous e Azam , Shaikh Abdul Qadi­rAl Gilani Bagh­dadi (Radhi Allah o Anhu) His Father Hazrat Hafiz Syed Muham­mad Zaman Shah Qadri Gilani (Rah­mat ullah Ala’ih) was a scholar as well and had a great love for knowledge .

In very early days he found in his son spe­cial apti­tude for reli­gious knowl­edge which was much appre­ci­ated and thus he put him in the hands of emi­nent savants, where his early edu­ca­tion was com­menced under their patron­age . The names of few of his teach­ers are Hazrat Sahibzada Hafiz Ali Ahmad Jan , HazratAl­lama Moulana Gul Faqeer Ahmad Chishti and Hazrat Allama Abd ur Raheem Popalzai (May Allah be pleased with them all). Reck­on­ing his zeal and zest towards reli­gious stud­ies, his grand father Hazrat Syed Saeed Ahmad Shah Qadri Gilani (Rah­mat ullah Ala’ih) gave him a name “Moulvi Jee”(in Urdu, which means Scholar of Reli­gion) which became so pop­u­lar that every one started call­ing him Molvi Jee after­wards. After com­ple­tion of his stud­ies, he became the best rec­og­nized and promi­nent scholar.

He started teach­ing and deliv­er­ing the true mes­sage of Islam and the authen­tic inter­pre­ta­tion of Quran and Hadith thus he served the human­ity in his much crowded pub­lic life span­ning 59 years. He main­tained a con­stant and direct con­tact with peo­ple from all walks of life, at all lev­els. Molvi jee Hazoor pas­sion­ately believed in and assid­u­ously worked for reli­gious and spir­i­tual aware­ness of com­mon Mus­lims and left no stone unturned in this effort. His dis­ci­ples are work­ing on the same objec­tives. They have estab­lished many teach­ing cir­cles, in dif­fer­ent places, by the grace of Almighty Allah. He always advised to remem­ber Allah and to fol­low the way of life of Holy Prophet Muham­mad (Salla Allah o Alaih e Wa Aal­ihi Wa Sal­lam). In this pur­suit, he launched a fort­nightly Jour­nal in 1955 named “AL HASAN” which is still reg­u­larly pub­lished and has received much appre­ci­a­tion for its best research work in dif­fer­ent fields. His lit­er­ary work brought him into great promi­nence as a mus­lim scholar and saint. An incli­na­tion to write reli­gious books was shown by him at a very early stage of his life and thus he wrote sev­eral books includ­ing the Urdu inter­pre­ta­tion of Quran “Tafseer e Quran Al Hasa­nia” ‚Urdu inter­pre­ta­tions of Hadith like “Shi­mail e Tir­mizi” and “Kha­sais e Nisaai” and Urdu trans­la­tion of “Sharh e Ghosia” (Per­sian inter­pre­ta­tion of most authen­tic book of Hadith Sahih Bukhari) and many more which were pub­lished by Shah Muham­mad Ghous Academy,Peshawar,Pakistan estab­lished by him in 1992 By any stan­dard, his was an event­ful life, his per­son­al­ity mul­ti­di­men­sional and his achieve­ments in other fields were equally remark­able. Indeed, sev­eral were the roles he played with dis­tinc­tion: at one time or another, he was an inde­fati­ga­ble free­dom move­ment activist, a polit­i­cal strate­gist, a reli­gious scholar and above all a great human being. He par­tic­i­pated in the free­dom move­ment of Pak­istan against British Rule from the plat­form of All India Mus­lim League. As his fam­ily had been lead­ing the com­mon mus­lims by pro­vid­ing true polit­i­cal and spir­i­tua l guid­ance, Molvi Jee inher­ited the same abil­i­ties from his ances­tors. His house sit­u­ated at Yakka Toot, Peshawar City had become the hub of inde­pen­dence move­ment of the North-​West India. His father was the first spir­i­tual leader of Fron­tier Province, who joined All India Mus­lim League. Dur­ing the inde­pen­dence move­ment, a secret radio sta­tion “Sada e Pak­istan” (Voice of Pak­istan) was oper­ated from his house which kept the pub­lic well informed about the inde­pen­dence move­ment activ­i­ties and broad­casted the mes­sage of Mus­lim League.

Molvi Jee inau­gu­rated this secret Radio Sta­tion by Recit­ing the Holy Verses of Quran. After appear­ance of Pak­istan on the map of the world as a Mus­lim state in the year 1947, he polit­i­cally affil­i­ated him­self with Jamiat e Ulema a Pak­istan and worked on key posts in the party. He always pro­vided true and in time guid­ance to the com­mon Mus­lims and ren­dered his ser­vices only for the sake of Allah’s hap­pi­ness. He sup­ported and praised every step taken by the polit­i­cal and demo­c­ra­tic forces towards the right direc­tion for the bet­ter­ment of state. He was being offered with many high-​level posts by the polit­i­cal lead­ers and mil­i­tary dic­ta­tors but he declined such offers because his mis­sion was to serve the human­ity not to rule. He served the local com­mu­nity and striven all the while to erad­i­cate social evils from the soci­ety by spread­ing and deliv­er­ing the true mes­sage of Islam. He inter­preted Quran and Hadith in its true spirit to every sin­gle indi­vid­ual spe­cially the young gen­er­a­tion. In the ever grow­ing frus­tra­tion amongst the masses caused by lack of mod­ern knowl­edge, he encour­aged the young gen­er­a­tion to equip them­selves with new tech­nol­ogy and skills in order to pace with con­tem­po­rary world. He insisted that every knowl­edge and sci­ence should be used for the bet­ter­ment of human beings. Many local and national orga­ni­za­tions worked under his patron­age for the social wel­fare and reli­gious aware­ness of the pub­lic. He always guided and treated his spir­i­tual fol­low­ers as his friends. He was such a hum­ble and kind hearted indi­vid­ual with whom every child, young and old per­son could share his prob­lems with out any inhi­bi­tion and got advice on dif­fer­ent issues. He passed away in the year 2004 due to car­dio vas­cu­lar ill­ness at the age of 85 and laid to rest near by the shrine of his fore­fa­ther Hazrat Syed Hasan Qadri Gilani(May Allah be pleased with him). He was one of the great­est lumi­nar­ies Peshawar has ever pro­duced. He left seven sons and 2 daugh­ters. One of his son Hazrat Syed Noor ul Has­nain Qadri Gilani (widely known as “Sul­tan Agha”) is con­tin­u­ing his father’s mis­sion of serv­ing the mankind to full satisfaction.

Tazkara mashaikh e Sarhad

(Mem­oir of the Shuyūkh and Islamic Schol­ars of the Fron­tier, Vol­ume I ) Pages 291

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Salat e Ghousia

(The Ghawthiya Prayer) 72 pages .Pub­lished by Mak­taba e Al Has­san, 1992.

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Life( of the Prophet) Trans­la­tion of Ara­bic Jour­nal ‘Tuhfat-​ul– Fahul Fi Istaghasa Bir Rasul’

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