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Our com­plete mul­ti­me­dia library is avail­able at alamee­ria youtube chan­nel, how­ever as youtube has been blocked in Pak­istan we plan to repli­cate the con­tent to other stream­ing chan­nels which are acces­si­ble in Pakistan

Alameer Wel­fare Trust



III. The objects for which the Trust is estab­lished shall be the following:

1: To under­take, pro­mote, par­tic­i­pate in or con­tribute, to wel­fare or char­i­ta­ble activ­i­ties, includ­ing relief to the poor, reha­bil­i­ta­tion of the ­des­ti­tute, pro­vi­sion of edu­ca­tion, med­ical relief, recre­ational facil­i­ties & advance­ment of any other object of pub­lic wel­fare as the Trust may decide from time to time.

2.To help the des­ti­tute, sick & needy per­sons & spe­cially to enable indi­vid­u­als to earn their liveli­hood hon­or­ably & for the pur­pose to pro­vide, arrange or help in the pro­vi­sion of train­ing in semi-​skilled or skilled trades & voca­tions or help in the estab­lish­ment of small busi­nesses, cot­tage indus­tries etc and open, ‘con­tribute to or help in open­ing of work houses/​poor houses etc.

3.To give prizes, awards, schol­ar­ships, stipends, lump-​sum grants, repayable inter­est free loans and dona­tions in cash or kind etc to tal­ented stu­dents for advance­ment of their edu­ca­tion or research work both in and out­side Pakistan.

4.To com­plete con­struc­tion work of Tomb of Moulvi Jee sarkar and to look-​after and main­tain affairs of the Tomb.

5.To print and pub­lish var­i­ous reli­gious books and other mate­ri­als for gen­eral pub­lic use includ­ing recorded mate­ri­als accord­ing to the need of trust for using at print and elec­tronic media for the ben­e­fit of masses.

And for all or any of the objects afore­said to do any of the fol­low­ing things

a.To receive and admin­is­ter funds for the fore­go­ing char­i­ta­ble, edu­ca­tional and sci­en­tific objects and to take & hold, by request, devise, gift, pur­chase or lease, either absolutely or inter­est, any prop­erty whether real, per­sonal or mixed with­out lim­i­ta­tion as to amount or value except such lim­i­ta­tion as may be imposed by law.

b.To sell, con­veyor dis­pose of any such prop­erty and to invest/​re­invest the prin­ci­pal and income thereof, to deal with and expend the prin­ci­pal amount and income of the Trust for any of the afore­men­tioned objects and pur­poses with­out lim­i­ta­tion except such lim­i­ta­tions as may be con­tained in the instru­ments under which prop­erty is received or such other lim­i­ta­tions imposed by law.

c.To receive any prop­erty whether real, per­sonal or mixed under the terms of any will, deed or other instru­ment for the fore­go­ing objects or any of them and in admin­is­ter­ing the same to carry out the direc­tions and exer­cise the pow­ers con­tained in the instru­ments under which the prop­erty is received includ­ing the expen­di­ture of the prin­ci­pal as well as the income for one or more of such objects as autho­rized or directed in the instrument.

d.To receive, take title to hold and use the pro­ceeds and income of stocks, bonds, oblig­a­tions or other secu­ri­ties of any Gov­ern­ment or Cor­po­ra­tion, domes­tic or for­eign but only for the fore­go­ing purposes.

e.To seek relief exemp­tions from income tax, with hold­ing tax and all other exemp­tions on dona­tions and con­tri­bu­tions to the Trust as may be per­mis­si­ble to sim­i­lar Trusts not work­ing for profit, under the exist­ing laws of the country.

f.To arrange and con­vene, con­fer­ences, lec­tures, meet­ings on the sub­jects involv­ing object mat­ters of the Trust.

g.To affil­i­ate with any national or inter­na­tional orga­ni­za­tions hav­ing objects alto­gether or in part sim­i­lar to those of this Trust for the pur­pose of secur­ing aims & objects of this Trust, pro­vided the Trust should not be affil­i­ated with any inter­na­tional or for­eign body with­out prior per­mis­sion of the Government.

h.To take such steps as per­sonal or writ­ten appeals, pub­lic meet­ings or oth­er­wise as may from time to time be deemed expe­di­ent for the pur­pose of procur­ing con­tri­bu­tions to the funds of the Trust in the shape of dona­tions, grants or oth­er­wise for real­iza­tion of the objects of the Trust.

i.To con­struct, main­tain and alter any houses, build­ings or works nec­es­sary or con­ve­nient for the pur­poses of the Trust.

j.To invest any money of the Trust not imme­di­ately required for any of its objects in such man­ner as may from time to time be deter­mined and uti­lize the profit thereof for pro­mot­ing the objects of the Trust.

k.To frame bye-​laws, rules and reg­u­la­tions for the con­duct of the mem­bers, office bear­ers and offi­cers of the Trust and to carry out the var­i­ous objects of the Trust.

l.To bring suits and/​or action either in Civil, crim­i­nal, rev­enue or other courts in the name of the Trust under the sig­na­ture of its Chair­man or Sec­re­tary or to defend any action against the Trust.

m.Generally to under­take, do and per­form all such acts, mat­ters or things as may be desir­able or nec­es­sary in the opin­ion of the board of Trustees for the accom­plish­ment of the fore­go­ing pur­pose or any of them and in par­tic­u­lar to enter into con­tracts to under­take finan­cial and com­mer­cial oblig­a­tions, to lend money with or with­out secu­rity, to bor­row or raise or secure the pay­ment of money, to open, oper­ate and main­tain bank accounts, to sell, exchange, mort­gage, let or lease or oth­er­wise deal with the. prop­erty and accounts of the Trust, to pur­chase, take on lease or ten­ancy or in exchange, higher, takeover options or oth­er­wise acquire any estate, inter­est or prop­erty what­so­ever and to insure and main­tain insured such estate, inter­est or prop­erty and to hold, develop, deal with, turn to account any prop­erty assets or rights, real or per­sonal and in the dis­cre­tion of the Board of Trustees to apply the assets of the Trust in or towards the estab­lish­ment of any asso­ci­a­tion or insti­tu­tion, the objects of which or in accor­dance with the objects of the Trust.


6. (a) The income and prop­erty of the Trust, what­so­ever derived, shall be applied solely towards the pro­mo­tion of the objects of the Trust, as set forth in this Mem­o­ran­dum of Asso­ci­a­tion, and no por­tion thereof shall be paid or trans­ferred, directly or indi­rectly by way of div­i­dend or bonus or oth­er­wise, how­so­ever, or by way of profit to the per­sons who, at any time, are, or have been mem­bers of the Trust or to any of them or to any per­son claim­ing through any of them. It is expressly stated that no mem­ber of the Trust shall be appointed to salaried office, pro­vided that noth­ing herein con­tained shall be deemed to pro­hibit the pay­ment in good faith of remu­ner­a­tion to any offi­cers or ser­vants of the Trust or to any mem­ber thereof or other per­son in return for any ser­vice actu­ally ren­dered to the Trust or the pay­ment of inter­est on money bor­rowed from any mem­ber of the Trust or in ful­fill­ment of a con­tract entered into by the Trust.

(b) 25% of the income includ­ing dona­tions made to the Trust not uti­lized or Twenty Thou­sand Rupees which ever is less, shall be invested in the Gov­ern­ment Secu­ri­ties or in NIT Units and inti­ma­tion to this effect shall be given to the com­mis­sioner in whose juris­dic­tion the Trust falls.


No addi­tion, alter­ation and amend­ment shall be made in the Mem­o­ran­dum of Asso­ci­a­tion or in the Reg­u­la­tions for the time being in force unless the same has been pre­vi­ously sub­mit­ted and approved by the spe­cial res­o­lu­tion of the Gen­eral Meet­ing of the Trust in accor­dance with the Reg­u­la­tions pro­vided that all amend­ments shall be sub­ject to the approval of Gov­ern­ment and shall also be made when required by Gov­ern­ment in the pub­lic interest.

Sub­ject to the con­di­tions con­tained in clause 4 & 5 above or any other con­di­tions imposed by the Gov­ern­ment, the Trust shall also abide by the fol­low­ing namely:

i.The Trust shall be formed as a Trust within the mean­ing of Trust Act, 1882.

ii. The limit of lia­bil­ity of its mem­bers shall not be less than five thou­sand rupees hav­ing regard to all the cir­cum­stances of the case; and

iii. Patron­age of any Gov­ern­ment or author­ity, express or implied, shall not be claimed unless such Gov­ern­ment or author­ity has sig­ni­fied its con­sent thereto in writing


Every mem­ber of the Trust under­takes to con­tribute to the assets of the Trust, in the event of the same being wound up dur­ing the time, he/​she is a mem­ber, or within one year after­wards for pay­ments of the debts and lia­bil­i­ties of the Trust con­tracted before the time at which he/​she ceased to be a mem­ber and of the costs, charges and expenses of the wind­ing up of the same.


If upon the wind­ing up or dis­so­lu­tion of the Trust there remains, after the sat­is­fac­tion of all its debts and lia­bil­i­ties any prop­erty what­so­ever, the same shall not be paid to or dis­trib­uted among the mem­bers of Trust, but shall be given or trans­ferred to some other insti­tu­tion or insti­tu­tions duly approved by the Board or the Fed­eral Gov­ern­ment and hav­ing objects sim­i­lar to the objects of the ALAMEER WEL­FARE TRUST to be deter­mined by the mem­bers of the Trust at or before the time of dis­so­lu­tion. Inti­ma­tion of such trans­fer­ence must be given to the Board within 3 months of the dissolution.

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